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Bradyís Clock Repair

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Please use good boxes, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts! Do not skimp here, use good packing material and there should be no problems. It is a good idea to wrap the item in bubble wrap, place that in a box, then place that box in a larger box and surround the inner box with packing peanuts. Check UPS and USPS websites for insurance requirements; even though you purchase insurance, they wonít cover damages if you donít pack with enough of the correct material. I have received many shipped items and haven't had a problem as long as the item was well packed.


Some items need to be sent complete, like singing birds in a cage, cuckoo clocks, or any item where the inner workings are connected to parts of the case that derive motion from the mechanism inside.


To save postage on clocks, you may remove your clock mechanism if you are comfortable doing so and just ship the mechanism. I will also need the hands.


If you'd prefer not to remove the mechanism yourself, pack it very carefully and send the whole clock. If your clock has a pendulum, remove it, wrap it separately and send it along with the clock.


Please remove accessory items, such as glass domes, decorative adornments like cuckoo case tops, and weights. Just let me know the weight and I will use my shop weights to test your clock. This saves a good deal on shipping. Keep your key, too. I have all sizes of keys so thereís no need to send yours.


If you have a chiming clock, please note that your clock's chime rods may need to be adjusted after shipment back to you. This is a simple matter of gently bending the brass hammer rods by hand until they strike the rods properly.


If you have any questions regarding shipping, please email or call me and I will be glad to help.