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Brady’s Clock Repair

Evansville · Indiana · 47712

Philip Brady


Member MBSI


About Brady’s Clock Repair

Brady’s Clock Repair is located in Evansville, Indiana. I am the sole proprietor, with nearly 25 years experience in clock, singing bird, and automaton repair.


I learned the basics of clock repair in the 1980’s from a Master Clockmaker in St. Louis, Missouri, and worked in his shop there. This provided me an excellent opportunity to get experience with a wide variety of mechanisms. It also gave me exposure to all sorts of repair issues, for which I learned solutions.


Early in my career, I became fascinated with singing birds and automatons, and have come to specialize in their repair and restoration. When looking for someone to repair singing birds and automatons, it is important to find out if the repair person has experience with the unique challenges of singing bird and automaton mechanisms. These mechanisms are extraordinarily intricate and delicate, and there may be significant work associated with bellows and precision adjustments that are different from those required in clock repair.


After learning to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of heirloom mechanical pieces, I joined the NAWCC and MBSI. I attend local and regional meetings, and meet many wonderful people through these organizations. This work is my full time career and passion. I am a registered merchant with the state of Indiana. Good references and a long list of returning customers have helped my business grow up to this point mostly by word of mouth. But I'm looking forward to meeting customers from all over the country, now, through my online site.


-Philip Brady


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